Introducing Kiteh Kawasaki, Japanese model, adult star and contractor at Dennis’ Hof’s Moonlite BunnyRanch Legal Brothel, In our first alternative issue she teams up with Hustler Magazine photographer Victor Lightworship to deliver amazing BSDM photos. You can also find Kiteh on HBO Cathouse the series and Asian Xpert Movie.
Who is your favorite artist? Hokusai.
Do you have tattoos? They’re verboten in Japan.
What other talents do you have? I’m an exotic pole dancer, stripper, legal companion, snarky comedian, Ghostwriter, translator, and coder. I’m also a damn good cook and bodyguard.

When did you start gaming? I don’t game very much. I do like to play  Neko Atsume.
What is your favorite anime series? Sailor Mars (sic).
What was your first console? Gameboy.
What are your top 10 favorite video or arcade games? Yakuza, Sailor Moon Dating Simulator, FPS, and World Of Warships. 



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