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Hazel Ling -Bronx Hottest Dream Angel

Hazel Ling


Hazel Ling is a Bronx based Licensed Cosmetologist, Business Entrepreneur, Model, and Mother of one (girl). Hazel Ling stands 5’6″ with a Petite Frame.

Hazel Ling


Hair, It’s my life and my passion, my career and I’m a licensed cosmetologist. So there no game on my expertise

Where are you from originally from? Brooklyn, New York.

When did you start modeling? September of 2012.

What is your favorite anime series? Sailor Moon

What are your top 10 favorite video or arcade games?

  • Frogger lol
  • Air hockey
  • Just dance
  • 2k NBA
  • Spyro
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Mario
  • Pac man
  • Wrestling
  • Nascar racing
  • Etc lol all I can think of

Who is your favorite comic book, anime or cartoon character? Sailor Moon

Are you single or taken? I am very much Taken.

What do you notice first about guys or girls? What comes out their mouth, how they speak and handle themselves.

Do you like to play any little games in bed? Roleplay, dress up, flirting and four play be the way to go.

Photographer: Genius Photography @genius_rep_hk_hw


Blessed Adrienne

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