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Who is Amy Taylor, the person? Well, I’m an ENTJ, if you’re into the Myers-Briggs thing. I think it’s a fairly accurate description of me, perhaps? I’ve accomplished some things I’m proud of in my years on earth (a graduate degree, commercial pilot’s licenses, lots of hobbies and interests, travel, achieved some degree of independence and planned for my future, and also given a great deal back to family and charity).

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However, I have some weaknesses (I write people off maybe too easily if I dislike them, I can lack compassion for people who behave in ways I don’t like). I suppose my strengths and weaknesses are actually the same things: I’m exceedingly interested in being a person who makes the most of my short life, and I like only people who do the same. I’m not much for drama and wasted time, and therefore I’m a person of action who likes the same sort of personality in others. It’s very important to me to not have wasted my time on the planet…and so far, I think I’ve definitely been the person I’ve wanted to be, in that sense.

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Why was it important for you to pursue additional educational opportunities? I have a thirst for knowledge (it’s probably genetic; both of my parents have advanced degrees and worked in universities). Simply put, I have a high degree of inborn curiosity, causing an internal motivation to love intellectual pursuits. There are plenty of other avenues for the interested mind than going to Berkeley and getting an MBA, as I did, but for me, the degrees were passports into a world of working and learning around other intelligent, curious, like-minded people. Of course, it was also an investment, a certificate that gave me higher earning potential when I worked for a company after my MBA (before I became a professional pilot), so there were pragmatic reasons to obtain the education I did. The nonmaterial awards of social standing and prestige are unimportant to me, but they fulfill my family’s ambitions of having children who were well-educated…so it made my parents happy. Didn’t cancel out their



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